7 – 12 years old

I'M SOOO CRAFTY *Iggy Voice*

arts + crafts

The Arts and Crafts class will encourage your child to draw, paint and craft projects, so that they can develop their artistic talents and expression - giving them a creative outlet that will allow their imaginations to flourish

flick of the wrist


Cool kids cook too! Our Chef will guide our Mini Chefs through six successful weeks of simple hands-on, no heat twists on some of their favorite snacks. Parent prep will be super-easy and can be done the night before to make this an independent experience and much-needed break

french without the fry


Bonjour! In this course, our campers will learn the basics of the French language and culture even if they have never spoken French before! They will learn the alphabet, colors, numbers and other words and pronunciation in a fun virtual environment

level up


In this class, our young dancers will focus on the fundamentals and techniques of Hip Hop through creative movement and choreography. They will warm-up, stretch and learn a fun upbeat routine

$22 per class x 6 weeks = $528

it's a vibe

self esteem building

This Spotlight class will empower children to develop strong social skills that will transform them into leaders of tomorrow. We will focus on creative ways to support one another, discover new possibilities within themselves, and take control of their destiny by making good choices

little yogi time

yoga + meditation

Our campers will experience yoga poses in fun and creative ways along with essential breathing and meditation practices

oh, you fancy, huh?!


In this 6-week spotlight class, campers will learn skills that focus on proper etiquette, table manners and socialization

$25 per class x 6 weeks = $150 per course

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Camp TSB kids is a virtual summer camp online where your child will work on fun and engaging projects together with his or her peers from all over the country during the course of six weeks. It’s a true team-based experience that provides your child a lifetime of memories as well as the unique opportunity to meet new friends and learn new skill sets. Communication will be facilitated via Zoom.

In order to get all the benefits from our program, our campers will need to be registered for the entire six week virtual Summer camp.

Yes, we are happy to offer a multi camper discount. There will be a 5% reduction for the second child and a 10% reduction for the third child from the same family.

Campers will need access to an iPhone/smartphone, iPad/tablet, or a computer with a camera to participate in Camp TSB Kids.

Yes! Downloading the Zoom app on a device that has audio and video capability will be necessary before Camp TSB Kids begins. Once your camp registration is confirmed, we’ll send an email with more Zoom instructions. In the meantime, you can read about Zoom set-up here.

Yes! Since Camp TSB Kids happens at home, your camper will need a few simple materials in order to participate. Once your camp registration is complete, we’ll send you an email with a list of materials. We’ll provide plenty of easy, economical options and suggestions.

Arts and Crafts supplies for the entire six week session will be included in the curated Camp TSB Kids Box that your camper will receive prior to the start date of camp.

+ Camp Onesie
+ Sensory Materials for 6 weeks
+ A few other goodies

+ Camp T-Shirt
+ Sweat Band
+ Arts + Craft Materials for 6 weeks
+ A few other goodies

+ Camp T-Shirt
+ Sweatband
+ Arts + Craft Materials for 6 weeks
+ Chef’s Apron
+ A few other goodies

* Items in the Camp TSB Kids Box are subject to change

From award-winning coaches and teachers to passionate subject-matter experts, we’ve recruited some of the best instructors on the planet.

Spotlight Classes are enrichment courses that can be added on to your child’s 6 week camp session for an additional fee. These classes are held every Friday and are only offered to TSB Tots (Yoga + Meditation) and TSB Kids (Etiquette, Self Esteem Building and Yoga + Meditation).

Classes will be held between 45 mins – 90 mins each day – will vary per Camp Crew.  The Calendar is COMING SOON!

Our TSB Babies sessions are parent accompanied and require your full involvement

For our TSB Tots sessions, parent engagement will depend on the child. Our instructors are well equipped to manage the sessions without parent engagement, but minimal parent participation might be required depending on your child

Our TSB Kids sessions can be totally independent without parent engagement.  Our Cooking sessions will be a simple and fun hands on, no heat twists for some of their favorite snacks and meals. Parent prep will be super easy and can be done the night before.

Our mission is simple – To offer Mommies and Daddies a BREAK and a bit of RELIEF for a few hours a day while continuing to build confidence and foster creative and independent children